This game is still going on — it is 0-0 and we’re headed to the 12th. Here’s Peavy’s pitch mix, with frequency and average mph in parenthesis (this is by PITCHf/x, of course).

Fastball: 60 (93.8)
Slider: 32 (84.1)
Curve: 7 (79.7)
Splitter: 4 (85.8)
Cutter: 3 (87.7)
Change: 2 (86.3)

3 pitches get the unknown classification — camera messed up. Here’s a quick glance at Peavy’s fastball velocity throughout the game:

Still can’t figure out how to format these, but whatever. Anyway, like I’ve mentioned before, I plan to get more detailed with this stuff in the future — I’ve actually been pretty busy with homework lately. Let’s pull out a win here, ey?