by Myron Logan

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At Ducksnorts, Geoff looks into Bud Black’s handling of starting pitchers. Result: He doesn’t like to leave his starters in too long, and he’s been near the top of the NL in quick hooks over the past few years. This is good news for youngsters like Mat Latos, but it is also good because generally relievers are better their first time against a line-up than starters their third or fourth time around. Plus, in the National League, it obviously hurts offensive production to stick with a pitcher hitting in the ninth slot too long into the game.

RJ’s Fro has another interview, this one with newly acquired Padres outfielder, Aaron Cunningham. Fun stuff. Cunningham sounds excited to be in San Diego.

Jbox gives us some brief, comical descriptions of Padres starters.

Ray makes the case for starting Jerry Hairston Jr. over David Eckstein at The Sac Bunt. It is not particularly hard to make the case for anyone to start over Eckstein at this point in his career.

Bill Center has a brief report on the Padres DR campus in the Union-Tribune:

But the new ownership group led by Jeff Moorad is not nearly as enamored with the facility – which is considered to be the best in the Dominican Republic …. But the Padres will probably be de-emphasizing their Latin American efforts under the leadership of Moorad, club president Tom Garfinkel and Hoyer. Only one Dominican Republic amateur of significance was signed last year compared to six in 2008 as the facility was opening.

This is definitely an interesting development.

WebSoulSurfer takes a crack at estimating the Padres payroll, and comes up with about $33 million as of right now.

In an interview at Baseball Prospectus, Mariners GM Jack Zduriencik talks about former Padres Director of Baseball Ops, Jeff Kingston (h/t: Corey Brock):

But with Jeff … every time you’re in this chair, you want to make sure that everything around you meets your comfort level. With Jeff, there was a real bonding if you will. I’ve known him for awhile, and when the position became available, I interviewed a bunch of guys, a great group of guys, and Jeff was someone who just really fit the criteria I was looking for. He’s young, he’s smart, and he’s done a lot of things in a short period of time. There was simply a great comfort level and I think that’s important

He goes on to talk about the Mariners statistical analysis department, among other things.