by Daniel Gettinger

Recently, we were asked to join the Yardbarker Network.

Yardbarker is a network of sports blogs.  It contains over 100 personal athlete blogs, as well as team specific and general sports blogs.  Yardbarker has recently partnered with Fox Sports/MSN to begin syndicating content from network blogs on their sites.

We have decided to join the Yardbarker Network in an effort to expand our readership. The quality of discussion that takes place on Friar Forecast has been great, and we hope that by expanding our readership, those discussions will become even richer.

Although we are joining the Yardbarker Network, Friar Forecast remains an independent blog.  The content of the site will be completely unaffected.

To conform with Yardbarker regulations, we will have to make a few design adjustments:

1) As you may have already noticed, there is now a Yardbarker navigation bar at the top of the site.

2) A Yardbarker widget has been added to the side-bar underneath the recent comments.  This widget contains links to Padres related articles on other sites and blogs.

3) We are forced to include some advertisements.  I have been assured that the ads will be unobtrusive.  The ads are not being introduced in an attempt to monetize the site. Rather, they are merely a requirement of joining the Yardbarker Network.

It may take us a few weeks to get the site design straightened out.  Please be patient as we make the necessary adjustments, and get the site looking as good as possible given the introduction of the new features.

If you have any suggestions on site-design, please let us know.  I have very little (basically zero) web-design experience, so any tips/advice would be highly appreciative.

We are hopeful that our relationship with Yardbarker will help enhance the community experience here at Friar Forecast, and are excited to be joining the network!