by Ben Davey

Madfriars released my list of top 30 prospects on their site today. My list is slightly different from many of the other prospect lists because I have not bought into the Tate hype. I actually ranked him lower then both Sampson and Williams.

My top 5 were as follows
Jaff Decker
Simon Castro
Kellen Kulbacki
Aaron Poreda
James Darnell

One other interesting thing to note is that there were probably 20 names I considered for the top 10 and about as many names of players I have seen make other “experts” top 10. Combine that with the fact that of the top 30 only 2 (Poreda and Huffman) have any chance of making the team out of ST, and you see a list that is poised to move up even higher in the rankings, especially with another top 10 draft choice.

Madfriars will release their combined top prospect list at the end of the month, and we will concurrently release our interview with them on rankings, philosophy, and the new direction of the front office.

Also did you guys notice that apparently I look just like Denis Savage?