by Daniel Gettinger

Each week this season, Yardbarker is going to release its MLB Power Rankings.  The rankings will be determined by six bloggers, each of whom is supposedly an expert in a division.  This year, I am responsible for commenting on the NL West teams.  I also rank each of the teams, and my rankings account for one sixth of the total score.

While the week 1 rankings can be found on the site, here were my comments about each of the NL West teams:

San Francisco Giants: Off to a great start, but still susceptible to a Lincecum or Cain injury.

Colorado Rockies: Tulowitzki is amongst the best players in the majors. The pitchers throw heat.

Los Angeles Dodgers: There is no need to worry about their slow start.

Arizona Diamondbacks: The D-Backs are an exciting team to watch. Justin Upton is MLB’s next star.

San Diego Padres: The Padres are not a great team, but they could surprise some people by playing respectable ball this season.

I typically do not like Power Rankings, as they often merely reflect win/loss records rather than actual talent. However, I do feel the comments can be useful, especially if they are provided by people who closely follow the teams they are commenting on.  I am hopeful that the other bloggers who vote on these power rankings will be able to shield themselves from any possible win/loss bias, thus resulting in purer rankings than found on other sites.