In the fourth round of the draft, the San Diego Padres took a Junior from Kentucky, second basemen Chris Bisson (pronounced BEES-own).

Bisson is very much a contrast to Jedd Gyorko, who was taken two rounds earlier. Unlike  Gyroko, Bisson does not have great hitting prowess, however he brings excellent defense and great speed to the table. Let’s check the numbers:

Fresh 59 .157 .271 .216 8 11 3 3-6
Soph 245 .360 .414 .455 20 28 14 13-16
Junior 242 .329 .416 .467 28 33 18 32-39

Bisson gets a nice bump in his raw numbers, checking in on College Splits adjustments for his Junior year: .343/.433/.481, .407 wOBA. Bisson benefited from an extreme hitter’s park (132, from 2006-09), but also played a against tough competition in the SEC (Kentucky’s SOS was 23rd in the country this year) – both numbers from Boyd’s World.

With wood, Bisson hit .269/.385/.306 in the Cape Cod League last summer, but did steal 36 bases in 42 games.

Baseball Beginnings has a nice scouting report on Bisson, concluding:

SUMMARY: Chance to be best defender at his position. Speed plays. Needs to develop strength and prove he can consistently put ball in play. Won’t hit for power or be impact offensive player, but speed and defense will give him value.

There are serious questions about Bisson’s bat, but the fact that he provides good defense up the middle and brings plus speed to the field certainly won’t hurt his development.