Yesterday I wrote about the prospect of the San Diego Padres extending center fielder Cameron Maybin to a long-term deal.

I estimated that a six-year, $40 million deal (plus an option) would be fair to both Maybin and the Padres, giving the center fielder financial security for life and the Padres a chance to maximize surplus value. The proposed six-year deal would buyout Maybin’s first two free agent eligible seasons and keep him around beyond 2015.

In the comments, Websoulsurfer said :

I think Tabata’s 6 yr/$14.25 million deal with 3 option years that could bring total value to $37.25 million w/the Pirates is a good guideline to what kind of offer Maybin will be looking at.

Bill  Center in a chat today :

Any extension granted by the Padres would have to include at least one or two seasons when Maybin was a potential free agent — So you are talking of at least a five or six year deal worth at least $15-$18 million.

Personally, I don’t see him signing for a figure that low. Unless Maybin is risk-averse or not too high on his own abilities, there is little reason for him to sign such a deal.

What do you say?